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Why Don’t More Women Own Private Equity Firms?

by Gail R. Meneley, Co-Founder and Principal I am working with a number of exceptional women with successful careers in public and private companies, and are now focusing on private equity as their next stop.  They are targeting CEO roles in portfolio companies with revenues from $250M to $1B.  Each has held the title of […]

Job Creation, Executive Turnover Figures Show More Positive Signs for American Economy

Reports released this month by ADP, Liberum Research, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that unemployment continues to shrink as new jobs are added in the private and public sectors. In particular, January executive turnover numbers were overall positive, which is surprising given current stock market trends and the slowdown of the American […]

Corporate and Consumer Trends Cause for Concern

Just over a month into 2016, large companies are reporting cutbacks after a tough fourth quarter. Half a dozen companies like Yahoo, who is selling some of its assets, and Johnson & Johnson announced plans to cut thousands of jobs. Other companies like Chevron and Norfolk Southern are cutting back on capital spending. Companies in […]

Executive Turnover in April, 2015

Executive turnover in April, 2015 was higher than in past months, but not significantly different. In the April Reports by ADP and Liberum Research Board of Director and C-suite positions showed a scattered picture for turnover. Liberum believes that executive turnover numbers will grow over the summer as the economy improves. But, for the first […]

C-Suite Turnover Declines

February saw a number of surprising changes in executive turnover as tracked by Liberum Research.  Unlike previous months, Liberum registered declines in all four key categories, CEOs, CFOs, All C-level, and Board of Directors.  They have not seen this level of a drop since the financial crisis back in 2008. For February 2015 declines in turnover occured in […]

End of Year Turnover Review

2014 turned out to be similar to 2013 with respect to senior executive turnover. The economy is improving and employment improved in 2014, but the long term unemployed and slow growth in salaries for most workers continue to be problematic. Liberum Research points out in a recent report that executive turnover totals for C-level executives […]

Senior Executive Churn Continues to Increase

According to Government statistics, Liberum Research and ADP’s November Employment Report there are positive signs for increasing hiring and executive turnover. In particular, we have noticed an increase in executive turnover for a few months in a row which makes us bullish for executives in a career transition. Liberum reports executive turnover totals were positive […]