Month: March 2014

Job Seeking CEOs

A recent WSJ article “When Chief Executives Become Job Seekers” “When Chief Executives Become Job Seekers” by Rachel Feintzeig (March 5, 2014) focuses on the issues that prior CEOs face when they are looking for a new CEO position. Ravi Saligram, former CEO of OfficeMax and Shields Meneley Partners client, along with our firm co-founder Gail Meneley were quoted in […]

Lori’s Lessons: What Parkinson’s Teaches about Life and Love

Parkinson’s disease, named after a doctor who first described the disease in 1817, is a degenerative  disorder of the central nervous system with an unknown origin. Most people first experience it by watching an older relative’s labored walking or their eating with shaky hands. Public awareness campaigns such as those by Michael J. Fox have helped […]